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January 3-9, 2011

Dear Friend,

He was a hero to the confederacy, and 150 years later he remains one of the most fascinating figures in American history. On American Experience: Robert E. Lee (Tonight, 9pm), explore the life and legacy of the military genius.

Fifty years ago, one lion cub changed the way we look at animals today. On Nature: Elsa’s Legacy: The Born Free Story (Sun, 8pm) look back at the remarkable tale of Joy and George Adamson’s groundbreaking work in the wild and learn about the danger of viewing animals through a human lens.

Finally, we want to offer a special and heartfelt thanks to all who donated during THIRTEEN's year-end fundraising campaign. As always, your gifts are greatly appreciated and we look forward to providing you with another another year of unique, high quality and commercial-free programming on THIRTEEN.

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Was the great general a Southern gentleman?
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Monday, January 3 at 9pm
American Experience: Robert E. Lee
He didn’t win the war but his leadership of the Confederacy elevated him to near god-like status to many after his death. Meet the man who took on the Union for four of the bloodiest years in American history. American Experience: U.S. Grant: Warrior airs Mon., 1/10 at 9pm.
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An under-the-sea adventure
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Tuesday, January 4 at 8pm
NOVA: Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor
Dive beneath the surface of Pearl Harbor for a shocking revelation about the sinking of the USS Arizona in1941. Were Japanese mini-subs to blame? FRONTLINE: Death by Fire follows at 9pm.
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Don Pasquale
Anna Netrebko sizzles as Norina
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Wednesday, January 5 at 9pm
Great Performances at the Met: Don Pasquale
In a production called “brilliant” and “wonderful” by The New York Times, opera superstar Anna Netrebko revived her role ad the lovely Norina in this comic opera. Follows Masters of the Arctic Ice at 8pm.
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Can Lewis take the heat?
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Thursday, January 6 at 9pm
Masterpiece Mystery! Inspector Lewis: Series II: Life Born of Fire
Is a serial killer targeting a religious group? As Lewis investigates “The Garden” and its true purpose, his trust in Hathaway wavers when he finds his young sergeant has personal ties to the group.
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Carol Burnett
Ears to you, Carol
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Friday, January 7 at 9:30pm
American Masters: Carol Burnett: A Woman of Character
America fell in love with Carol Burnett's goofy and glamorous characters and became an inspiration to many that followed in her footsteps. Follows Need to Know at 8:30pm.
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New York Now
The ups and downs of a first date
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Saturday January 8 at 10:55pm
Reel 13: Indies: Luke and Brie are on a First Date
It's an evening of flirtation and misunderstanding for two twenty-somethings as they experience the uncertainty, anxiety and speculation of a first date. Follows Reel13 Classics: One, Two, Three at 9pm.
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Elsa on the prowl
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Sunday, January 9 at 8pm
Nature: Elsa’s Legacy: The Born Free Story
Fifty years ago, we began to look at animals in the wild as more than savages, when Born Free introduced the world to lion cub Elsa and shifted attitudes about conservation. Revisit the dramatic story.
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Was the wrong man put to death?
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Tuesday, January 4 at 9pm
FRONTLINE: Death by Fire
Was an innocent man executed by the State of Texas? This investigation examines what was once considered iron-clad arson evidence and raises profound questions about arson cases in general.
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American Masters: Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould
Meet the man behind the music in this extensive look at the eccentric musician. Penetrate the cloud of mystery that surrounded the intensely private pianist and gain insight into his life from those who knew him best.
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Random Notes

What’s your favorite New York street movie? Join the discussion at Reel 13 online. PBS NewsHour talks with cartoonist Gary Trudeau about 40 years of ‘Doonesbury.’ Salman Rushdie talks to Charlie Rose about his latest book, Luke and the Fire of Life. And SundayArts gets you inside the current Degas exhibit at the Morgan Library & Museum.

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Coming Soon

American Masters
Wednesday, 1/12 at 8pm
American Masters: Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides
Called “the least self-conscious screen actor that has ever lived, the Oscar-winner is also an exceptional musician, a photographer, an occasional vintner and a storyteller. Step inside the easy-going life of the Tron and True Grit star.
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New Season Begins Tuesday, 1/18 at 8pm
Pioneers of Television
Narrated by Kelsey Grammer, the new season looks at some of televisions greatest personalities and moments in science fiction, westerns, crime dramas and local kids programs.
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WNET.ORG Announces New Partnership with Tavis Smiley
In case you missed the news, — longtime PBS late-night host Tavis Smiley will continue his award-winning program through a new co-production partnership with WNET.ORG. In a unique mix of news and entertainment, Tavis interviews celebrities and politicians, artists and athletes. Continue watching Tavis Smiley on THIRTEEN and across the country weeknights at midnight.
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